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Author:  Butterfly [ Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Banning Guidelines

This is The Recovery Boat's guidelines on banning members

A member that seems to be using the site inappropriately will be informally spoken to by a moderator. Consistently ignoring this will lead to receiving a warning.

A member will receive 3 warnings from moderators before they are banned.
These warning will be sent as PMs and it will say in them very clearly that they are a warning. So it literally will be as clear as "This is your 1st/2nd/3rd warning".

After the 3rd warning a member will be banned no matter how long or short the time has been between the warnings.
The member will be PM'd and e-mailed (if possible) and told how long the ban is for.

After 3 bans a member will be banned permanently.
Just to clarify to be banned permanently a member will have received 6 official warnings and 3 temporary bans so the system looks like this:

Warning 1
Warning 2
Warning 3
Ban #1
Warning 1
Warning 2
Ban #2
Warning 1
Ban #3
Permanent Ban

Things that are likely to lead to banning or warning:
Posting suicidal threats, constant blatant pro-ana posts without responding and changing tone to feedback advising this isn't appropriate here, being abusive towards other members, manipulating or putting inappropriate pressure on other members or pretending to be another member by using multiple accounts to deliberately mislead other members or to get around a ban (if you create another account to get around a current ban your new account will also be banned).

In extreme cases a member will be immediately banned for 2 days and they will be e-mailed telling them that the moderators are reviewing the situation and will be back to them by the end of the second day.
For example when a member is going on some sort of furious angry suicidal tirade all over the site and being clearly deliberately damaging to others this would be considered extreme. The definition of extreme will be down to the administrator who makes the ban.

Apart from in extreme cases no warnings or bans will be issued by a post-mod or administrator until at least 24 hours has passed so giving a reasonable amount of time for most post-mods to review and have their say.

Once a member has been banned the site will be informed by the moderator news thread in Row Row Row Your Boat but this will not be up for discussion with the rest of the site. The community does need to know when a member has been banned so they do not worry because a member suddenly stopped posting but the reasons for the ban are between the post-mods and the member concerned.

There are certain offences which will result in a ban without the previous warnings. These are serious offences such as:

- Giving out another user's personal information without their consent unless there is a real fear that the user's life is in danger.
- Contacting another user's friends or family without their consent unless there is a real fear that the user's life is in danger.
- Blackmail. In any form.
- Serious threatening or abusive comments towards another user. An example of serious threats or abuse include threats to physically or psychologically harm a user; non-constructive, unjustified and offensive comments about a user's appearance, lifestyle or behaviour (eg. "You're so fat/ugly" "You're a loser" and NOT "you are looking unwell and I'm worried about you"); non-constructive, unjustified and offensive comments about another user's experiences, particularly regarding experiences of abuse (eg. "You weren't really abused", "You deserved it").

All offences are discussed between the moderators and administration before any conclusions are reached. Whether to send a warning or to ban a user is voted on by the moderators and administrators, and the length of the ban is also decided by committee, and will reflect the seriousness of the offence.

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