Learn to Relax

Eating disorders are stressful. They're also counter productive because often we use eating disordered behaviours to calm our anxiety, but in actual fact these behaviours end up making the anxiety worse, and so the cycle continues.

Relaxation, like meditation and recovery itself and anything worth learning, takes practise. When you first try a relaxation technique, it will probably feel strange. Keep at it! Eventually it will become easier.

People relax in different ways. Many people like to relax passively, perhaps simply sitting and meditating, taking a long hot bath, or even just watching TV. Others find a more active method of relaxation helps, such as a light workout (yoga, pilates etc) or even cleaning the house. Try different things to see what works for you. Perhaps even have a go at a new craft or art form! Creating is very therapeutic and can work wonders for stress levels.

There are also various exercises you can do to physically and mentally relax. See the links on the right hand side of this page for more information.