Why should I register on the forum?

If you register on the Recovery Boat forum, you'll be able to access a whole wealth of information that has been shared by our wonderful members. You'll also be able to share things with us: thoughts, interesting articles, any questions you have.

You'll also benefit from getting to know people who understand what it is you're going through. A chance to make friends with these people, and talk about things which you may not be able to with people in your life offline.

I've registered! What now?

How about saying hi and introducing yourself? Recovery Boat has a section at the top of the forum for introductions. Feel free to create a new post and tell us all about yourself. After that, you can get stuck in getting a general feel of the site. Read and write posts, and perhaps start a journal in the Ship's Log.

After you've been around a while, and have gotten to know other members on the Boat, you may find that new areas of the forum open up for you.

For more information on what to do after registering, see this post.

Is there anything I shouldn't post on the forum?

We like to be fairly flexible on the Recovery Boat. We often prefer to challenge a questionable post openly rather than censor things immediately. Recovery is something which is rarely black and white, and so these issues can't be dealt with in a black and white manner.

  • Generally we ask that people don't post numbers unless it's absolutely essential for the rest of your post.

  • Be very careful with any graphic details of self harm, abuse etc. It may be a good idea to write the details in white or very pale text, along with a trigger warning in advance, so other members can't accidentally be triggered.

  • Thinspiration-type photographs will not be tolerated. We'd much rather see pictures of people laughing , happy and enjoying themselves. It's much more beautiful than a miserable looking person with their bones on show.

  • General abuse towards other members, offensive posts or photographs, and suicide threats are not tolerated. For more information on this, please see the links on the right hand side of this page.

If you keep in mind that Recovery Boat is a pro-recovery site, and that other people who are trying to recover will be reading your posts, then you'll be fine. Recovery is difficult. There may be times where you'll feel bad: angry, depressed, anxious. We want you to be able to vent these feelings in a healthy way, by writing them down, but while also bearing in mind how others may feel when reading your post.

Suicide Posting Policy

Here on Recovery Boat we take suicide threats very seriously. It can be distressing to read threats of this kind from anyone, particularly someone you are unable to help outside of the internet.
Click here for our full policy on suicide posting.

Warning and Banning Guidelines

Recovery Boat values the safety and comfort of our members very highly. For this reason there are penalties for certain offences which threaten these values.
Click here to see our full guidelines on warnings, bans, and inappropriate posting.