About The Recovery Boat

The Recovery Boat forum was started late in 2011, when a group of friends decided to set up their own site for people recovering from eating disorders. These friends had previously moderated other eating disorder recovery websites, and although they lived in different countries and came from different backgrounds, they shared a common goal: to recover from their eating disorders, maintain that recovery and to help others who were also recovering.

These friends know that having an eating disorder can at times make you feel lonely and misunderstood. That it's important to be able to talk about your feelings with people who know exactly what it is you're going through, who won't judge you or disrespect you.

Even once you're recovered and are no longer having any kind of therapy, it can be good to still keep the behaviours and those ED thoughts in check, and what better way than to speak with others in the same situation as you?

Recovery Boat is a non profit making organisation, and each of the Moderators and Administrators takes the time to run the site for no reason other than the passion for helping others.