Other Eating Disorder Recovery Links


One year + one girl: one life recovered A girl with a goal:... To share the ups and downs of her recovered life.

edan Eating Disorder Activist Network.

EDucation Explaining Eating Disorders, a blog aiming to increase society's understanding of eating disorders and challenge misconceptions about them.

Tears to Words A wonderfully helpful and inspiring blog by the lovely Arielle.

Eating Disorder Recovery

b-eat and also b-eat Cymru Beat provides helplines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help adults and young people in the UK beat their eating disorders.

The Butterfly Foundation An Australian organisation who are proactive in fundraising and providing support for families and sufferers.

The Joy Project The Joy Project is a non-profit, grassroots organization based on the philosophy of using real-world, workable solutions to end the epidemic of eating disorders. They work towards reducing the rate and severity of eating disorders by supporting and conducting research, education, and support programs.

Something Fishy Dedicated to raising awareness and providing support to people with Eating Disorders, and their loved-ones... since 1995.